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Your grandpa’s time-tested method for securing your dream job in Japan.

In this podcast episode:

Marco and I after a hike up a mountain hill to a little onsen on the coast in Odawara

You will hear from Marco, my former flatmate in Tokyo of 3+ years, university fraternity brother and friend. Marco knew ZERO Japanese when he arrived to Japan. Yet he was not only able to teach himself the language without taking any formal classes, he was able to work in several career fields in Japan.

Learn how Marco quit his job as a headhunter and before the next rent was due on our apartment, he was able to find a teaching job paying more than he had ever earned previously in his entire career using a simple but all too often forgotten technique.

It is a method your grandparents all knew about and their grandparents before them…we’ve been conditioned by society in the 21st century to abandon this simple time-tested method.

Listen to the podcast by clicking on the link below and download it to your iPhone, Android or other devices.

Download Link: “HERE” (Right-click and Save As to download to your device).

Well we hope you enjoyed our first podcast episode. We also hope that whether you already have a job now in Japan and are seeking better employment or are simply hoping to do 就職活動 shushokukatsudo (job hunting) in Japan that you try out this time-tested method that has not only worked for Marco, many of my friends in this modern era, but has also worked for many generations prior to the invention of the internet. Now that we have the tools that our grandparents never had, it does not mean we should only rely on those tools. No, no. On contraire mon ami. We should use these tools to help us to be more strategic with the same tactics that have stood the test of time.

Let us know how this method may have worked for you in your career and we would love to share your testimonial here on our blog.

One interesting side note is that I first met Charlie through Marco. They were co-workers at an English teaching school in Fukuoka, Kyushu. Charlie came to visit us when Marco and I later lived in the same apartment complex in Yokohama. Charlie and I kept in touch and later started this website together.

Finally, I also want to say that Japanese is really a language like no other and thanks to it, I have been able to not only reap fruits in my career field but also to live in places I never thought possible, like right in the heart of Ebisu in Shibuya-ku to now being able to travel to Thailand and Vietnam. We will be speaking more soon about Japanese and how you can go about learning it and then applying it to your life.

Edo Town Sweet Potato Crisps

Charlie eating yakiimo in Edo Town in Tokyo

A bit about the authors:

Martin with the changing colors of the Ginkgo trees in Aoyama, Tokyo in the background

Martin with the changing colors of the Ginkgo trees in Aoyama, Tokyo in the background

As you may know, Live Work Play Japan is authored by Charlie Moritz and myself, Martin Bragalone.

While Charlie is currently in Japan, I (Martin) after 6 years in Japan have decided to travel a bit around Asia. The reason I can do this is that I translate Japanese online and that allows me to travel to anywhere in the world with stable WiFi connections. WiFi isn’t nearly as stable South East Asia where I have been since early spring as in Tokyo, but who is to stay travelling always has to be glamorous?


If you have any questions or comments, please let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you guys so we can help with the burning questions you have about Japan.

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