Charlie talks to Yan Fan, an engineer and tech founder in Tokyo. Yan runs the coding bootcamp Code Chrysalis in Roppongi, and on this episode we’ll talk all about tech and startup culture in Japan.

We will talk about:

  • Yan’s start in finance, her move to coding and experience working and starting things in San Francisco, the Middle East and Singapore.
  • Why and how Code Chrysalis encourages their engineers to be language agnostic.
  • Why coding gives you incredible career capital – it is THE in demand skill right now and learning to code means you can build cool things and get high-paying jobs (though not as high as The Valley).
  • Asking for feedback and making sure your business stays agile.
  • Building up a reputation for quality in just one year.
  • Experiencing Japan as a woman in tech – Yan’s Meishi says CTO but people still don’t believe that she can code…

Yan (and her company Code Chrysalis) is on Facebook, Twitter, they have a Website. Check it out!

Yan Fan in Code Chrysalis’ awesome space in Roppongi

Podcast #10: Tech and Startup Culture in Japan

by Charlie | with Yan Fan

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