Select Page Community Manager Hiroyasu Ichikawa teaches us insider tips on how you can use Meetup in Japan to meet people and grow your network.

HiroyasuWe have talked recently about how Charlie built a successful meetup group where he met his girlfriend, and where some of his friends met their future spouses. Today we talk to the Community Manager Hiroyasu Ichikawa to see how meetup can be an amazing tool for building a network, as well as learning skills and being a community leader in Japan.

With 160,000 members across Japan and with the recent launch in Japanese growing numbers by a huge amount, meetup is fast becoming a bigger player in Japan. In today’s podcast I ask Ichikawa-san how you guys can use their service to meet people once you come to Japan, but also how you might start your own groups to help expand your network here too. Here on the Live Work Play Japan! podcast we will share with you the insider tips not only for finding groups that can make your time here really fun, but also the best strategies for starting your own group.


Download Link: “HERE” (Right-click and Save As to download to your device).

Meetup_Logo_2015Amazon book: Meetup Organizer Step-by-Step Success Guide (Affiliate link – we do not work with the author for content or advertising. Any purchase through this link supports Live Work Play Japan!)   New Meetup Organizer Group Event (Japanese) – Future events will be held in English to help meetup event organisers who don’t speak Japanese.

We hope that this podcast was useful for you. Comment below and tell us your experience of in Japan, and about any groups or events that are great for expats here.

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