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Getting an internship in Japan to experience Japanese work culture and gain valuable skills

Thank you for joining us at the Live Work Play Japan! Podcast for our second episode. Today we are joined by Michael Meyer, an executive from Internship Japan. Internship Japan seeks to provide a value add to the working culture in Japan. They are an NPO founded by Verena Hopp whose mission statement is:

“Internship Japan is a growing group of people working voluntarily (Non-Profit Organization) for the mission to establish and support a new and better system of internships in Japan.” 

In this episode we will learn about the internship culture in Japan. How are internships viewed in Japanese society? How can one negotiate an internship with Japanese companies and other tactics to expand your network in Japan so you can not only get internships, but find full time jobs and even make new friends? 

Unfortunately, Verena couldn’t be here to explain her founding principles, but Michael was able to share with us how an internship can be one of the best ways to field test whether you are happy working in Japan or at a particular company. We will also learn about insider groups on LinkedIn and meetups where you can network directly with potential future employers to help you find your dream job in Japan.

Download Link: “HERE” (Right-click and Save As to download to your device).

See more about Internship Japan below:

The website: 

The Internship Japan Facebook page:

Other resources mentioned in this episode: A LinkedIn group connecting “Good people in Japan:

The Pink Cow restaurant in Roppongi, Tokyo which holds many networking and social events year-round:  

If this podcast was helpful to you in any way or you have any questions, comments or things you want to share with us, please go ahead and leave us a comment below. Otherwise, if you have questions directly about internships in Japan, we suggest you go straight to and learn from the source.

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