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Martin and Charlie started this website to help people with the strategies to find success and a life that they love in Japan.

Listen to Charlie and Martin talking with successful expats in Japan – whether you want to teach or start your own business, we talk about it here

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Looking at your taxes in Japan can be a daunting and confusing experience. Let us show you how to do it and save money doing your taxes in Japan!

Is The Word Gaijin Actually Racist?

For some foreigners living in Japan for the long-term, this word carries strong negative connotations with it, and many consider it an offensive racial slur.

How to Buy Bitcoin in Japan

You’ve heard of bitcoin but you have no idea if or how to get some in Japan. Is it a speculative bubble, or is there more to it than that?

Why and How To Start a School in Japan

The New Pioneers Academy Journey

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The Grandpa Method with Marco Ferreira

Your Working Rights in Japan

Everything You Need To Know

Summer Travel in Japan Guide

The coolest places to go when you’re in Japan for 10 days!

The Smart Guide to Teaching English in Japan

Our ultimate guide to getting the best teaching job of your career in Japan.

The Tokyo Friends Guide

How to meet people and make friends in the biggest, and sometimes loneliest, city on earth!

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How Can I Be A Great English Teacher in Japan?

More Than a Character: Being an Adored, Indispensable English Teacher You've scored a job teaching English to kids in Japan - congratulations! You nailed the interview, prepared your wardrobe with the most professional teaching outfits, have made instant friends with...

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