I talk to Diana about working as a freelance dancer, teacher and yoga instructor in Tokyo, and how she always has interesting and exciting work.

We will talk about:

  • Living project to project and how that can sometimes be tough, but often very exciting.
  • Putting your work out there and telling (and showing) people who you are so they think of you when they meet someone who wants what you do (look up: Strength of Weak Ties – Granovetter)
  • Don’t just get a TESOL qualification because you’re in Japan – get the qualification you are passionate about and you’ll be able to get work in what you want to do!
  • Self-sponsoring a visa isn’t a guarantee (there’s no guarantee even if your dad is Japanese!)
  • Start with one student, and keep showing up. It will grow if you power through the dip and serve the people you want to serve.

You can find Diana on Facebook and at dancewithdiana [at] gmail.com.

Diana the dancing queen!

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Are you hoping to freelance in Tokyo? How have you been finding jobs, and what has worked (what hasn’t)? Comment below and let’s see if we can help.

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