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What is Live Work Play Japan?

We help expats to find amazing opportunities and love their experience in Japan

Transfer Money Home From Japan

For expats in Japan, sending money home can be a confusing mess… banks take thousands of yen in fees. Here’s how you save when sending money home from Japan!

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Summer Travel in Japan Guide

The coolest places to go when you’re in Japan for 10 days!

The Smart Guide to Teaching English in Japan

Our ultimate guide to getting the best teaching job of your career in Japan.

The Tokyo Friends Guide

How to meet people and make friends in the biggest, and sometimes loneliest, city on earth!

For Expats!

Take a look at the articles that are most popular with expats here in Japan!

Freelancing in Japan – The All-In-One Guide

Have you ever thought that maybe you deserve to get more money, but there’s just no way you’re going to get a raise from your company? You don’t need to beg, you need a side-gig!

What Can You Achieve in Five Years in Japan

From Teaching in Japan to Freelancing and Building Businesses while getting the best paid teaching jobs In this podcast I'm going to talk about: Getting started in Japan at Peppy Kid's Club (not the worst place to start). Getting fired but being rehired by working...

Work in Japan Without Speaking Japanese

Can you get a job in Japan without knowing Japanese in 2017? The short answer is a resounding YES, but there is more to it than that. Let us explain:

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